Thursday, July 26, 2012

Anything to Save a Buck!

So I recently called Provo City Power to talk to them about an issue with one of our electrical bills at the house. After resolving the issue the representative asked me if I had recycling cans located at our rental. I told her that I had previously opted out of having Provo’s recycling cans because they were $4.00/month, and we have three units, so that would be $12.00/month for recycling cans.

An additional incentive Provo offers to for those who have recycling cans is a $2.00/month discount on their garbage bill. A net savings of $2.00/month per recycling can. So if we were to get three cans it would be a savings of $6.00/month, but we would have to pay $12.00/month to get that savings. Either way we looked at it, we decided to opt out.

After explaining why we decided not to have recycling cans she told me that they could give us just one can for the whole house at $4.00/month, and still give us the $2.00 discount for each of the three garbage cans we pay for each month. That’s a discount of $6.00/month with the added expense of only $4.00/month.

No Brainer.

We decided to get the one recycling can delivered to our house, and we are basically getting paid $2.00/month to have it. Score!

I know it’s only two measly bucks, but it’s a savings nonetheless. Win, win, win!

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